"We're not just about acting classes—it's life skills. It's about learning how to be present and aware. We focus on being supportive and learning how to work with one another. Making each other better. Listening and answering. Cause and effect. It's about moving people, and maybe above all else, it's about having fun!"
~Kari Kraakevik


Kari Kraakevik
Peter Garland
Kelly McAllister
Devin Sarno
Brette Robertson
Jocelyn Leroux
Oskar Egot

"Creating well rounded collaborative artists"

Create ⭑ Craft ⭑ Collaborate


College Prep

"Reel Kids truly helped prepare me for college. I took their film editing and sound design classes for two years and was able to finish my college portfolio in both subjects. It was super nice to have college prep classes taught by professors and know that I had a specified time to work on those skills! I am now a senior at University of Colorado College of Music and can't wait to graduate to the next stage of my musical journey!"
- Lucas M. from Boulder, Co on March, 7th, 2018


"It's rare you get a teacher who is both extremely talented AND selfless/more interested in her students than self promotion, yet that's exactly what Kari delivers. She blends professional training and natural talent with patience and consistency, and the kids thrive under her tutelage. I highly recommend her for any child interested in the theater; you'd be hard pressed to find anyone else as invested in others' success."
- Rachel Walker from Boulder, Co on March, 5th, 2018

College Prep / Professional

"I am currently studying film production in Los Angeles (at Loyola Marymount University), and I started at Reel Kids! Reel Kids is an amazing place to be yourself and grow creatively. The amazing people at Reel Kids taught me so much, and provided a lively creative environment for me to express myself and develop my skills. I am truly grateful for what Reel Kids was to me in my time there."
- Asa Allegra from Los Angeles, CA on March, 21st, 2018