SUMMER TROUPE Independent Study
Saturday's 1-3:30pm, Wednesday's 6-8pm June 5 - Aug 10
Combined ages.
Do you have personal film project ideas you'd like to bring to life? Keep the troupe fun and creativity rolling all summer long with COMBINED SUMMER TROUPE INDEPENDENT STUDY! Participants will be able to create ANY TYPE OF FILM PROJECT! The sky is the limit! Students will have access to all camera and editing equipment and all sessions will be supervised by Reel Kids staff, who are eager to assist and facilitate your creative ideas!
[Register: $650.00]
Acting For Film Summer Intensive
6/3-6/7 9:30am-12:30pm
Ages 7-15
This program focuses on character development and delivery while learning basic principles of acting on camera. Participants will be cast (via audition on day 1) in short films that will be created over the course of the week. Lines will be memorized, and performances will be rehearsed and directed just like they are in the "real world". We will screen our completed project for parents and families at the end of the week.
[Register: $250.00]
GLEE Camp Session 1
6/10- 6/21, 9:30am-12pm
Ages 7-15
AT BOULDER MUSIC 3217 Walnut St Boulder, CO Gleeful two week! Study the meaning of choir/collaboration and solo artistry in a one week intensive! What goes into unaccompanied singing? How do we listen, react and experience our voice as an instrument? Learn all of this and more! Prepare for this songful summer!
[Register: $450.00]
Harry Potter Film Camp
6/10-6/14 9:30am-12pm
Ages 8-14
Join Reel Kids in recreating your favorite Harry Potter scenes or making your own! Scenes will be filmed, directed, edited and uploaded BY YOU!Great introduction to the magic that happens at reel kids, with an intro to behind the scenes and acting for camera! If you love Hogwarts this camp is for you!
[Register: $270.00]
Stop Motion Animation Camp
6/17-6/21 9:30am-12pm
Ages 10+
Do you like the Box Trolls? Kubo, Coraline or The Nightmare Before Christmas? This One week summer intensive will kickstart your student’s journey in creating animated films. Your student will come away with skills, techniques, and ideas to create longer and more complex projects on their own or with friends! Even the most ‘inanimate’ of objects can take on a personality simply through movement!
[Register: $270.00]
6/24-6/28 9:30am-12pm
Ages 7-14
If you’re interested in making a movie and are ready jump in and start directing, acting, editing, OR ALL OF THE ABOVE, this is the camp for you. We’ll be working collaboratively to create films you can be proud of, while developing an understanding of directing, writing, editing, and camera techniques. Never held a camera? Never fear, all levels of expertise are welcome and encouraged. So bring your enthusiasm and originality, and let’s craft, create, and collaborate!
[Register: $250.00]