1. Fill out the Video Photography Release Form

2. Fill out the Student Pre-Registration Form

**Please note that if you don't have these two forms filled out, you will not be able to attend classes until you do.**





You will be officially notified of your child's enrollment only after your payment has been processed.





1. Mail check to


602 Center Dr. Suite E and F

Superior Co


2. Online PAYMENT:


**Please contact Kari for more information at**







How does this Work?

Reel Kids has several classes, groups, and camps from Pre-K music integration classes, to musical and technical classes

View our online STORE for available (not full) classes. If they are able to be viewed, they are not full, However, because we believe in the quality of education, our classes our kept small to augment the learning experience. Register quickly to ensure your spot!


1. If you are part of TROUPE you are credited one auxiliary class a semester or one musical a school year, this means you do NOT "pay" separately for these, however you must email Kari immediately to reserve your spot.

2. If you are part of Integral Steps, or pre-k-3rd grade classes pleas direct all questions to EMMA

3. ANYONE can audition for the musicals up to the starting day of classes, this is NOT exclusive, if you are registered you can be a part of our cast! Troupe however is invite only, if you are interested in Troupe please email Kari !!

Please Note

When you audition you are committing to the play or musical from which you are auditioning for. So, PLEASE check the conflict calendar to make sure you can indeed make the minimum amount of rehearsals, and ALL of the shows. There are no refunds for plays/musicals, this is a team effort, and your part is crucial.


720. 212. 1244


602 Center Dr. Suite E & F

Superior, CO, 80027



10am-9pm every day

@ Kari Kraakevik 2017