Reel Kids

KARI KRAAKEVIK (Owner) Kari is a versatile composer, performer and teacher. Holding degrees in Music performance, theory composition from Pepperdine University and University of Colorado, Miss Kraakevik is constantly searching for ways to combine her loves of performing, teaching and composition. While obtaining her masters in Music Composition from CU, Miss Kraakevik focused her studies primarily on large-scale productions that were exclusively, interdisciplinary. Working with dance, video, visual art, theater, and even children’s choir, Miss Kraakevik found that her niche in the composition world was not to have a “niche,” but to never limit herself. All of her large-scale (some over 60 performers) were successfully, completely funded with grants, donations and commissions, one of which was the “Levy Prize.” The Levy Prize is a highly competitive prize that includes both large commission and funding for collaborative projects. One of which, Light: A Musical Journey, premiered in April 2012, spawned the creation of Little Lights Children’s Choir, founded by Ms. Kraakevik, which is now in the process of becoming a non-profit organization! After the Re-opening of Reel Kids in 2013, Ms. Kraakevik emerged in the world of entrepreneurs, while still holding teaching positions at CU and Metro University in Denver. Loving the world of collaborative arts, in 2015 Miss Kraakevik bought existing long-time music school "Wildflower School of Voice," in Boulder Colorado. Today, Ms. Kraakevik enjoys being a full time entrepreneur and is in the process of expanding both her businesses in 2017, and perhaps even opening a third! She adores her students, her businesses and creating a fun, collaborative, safe environment for everyone.