About the Reel Kids Troupe Program...


Troupe is a film, audio, and editing collaborative group that meets during the school year. Learning programs such as Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro CC, Logic Pro X, and After Effects CC, troupe students learn skills and techniques at a professional level. However, we are not merely a technological group, troupe also molds young directors, actors and performers, with several onstage and on-screen performance opportunities throughout the year. The student's work will be voted on by the community at the Oskars event in May, where the best projects, are rewarded.


Troupe Elementary (A) consists of ages 7-11. They learn the basics of editing, filming, writing and directing. Programs like iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Final Draft are introduced and Personal Projects have to be over 2 minutes in duration.


Troupe Primary (B) consists of ages 11-14 years old. In Primary, we dive into lighting, DSLR 4k Video, intro to Logic Pro and mastering Final Cut Pro. Final Projects "Personal Projects" have to be a minimum of four minutes in length.


Troupe Academy (C) - In Academy, Troupe becomes much more self driven, members bring their own scripts, filming ideas and storyboards and as a group we plan, film and edit. This is much more geared towards college applications, professional development and trade schools. Students complete a reel of their works, and personal projects have to be over 7 minutes in duration. In addition to mastering Final Cut X, Logic Pro X and other programs, Academy members dive into the beginning of the Adobe Creative Suite.


The Reel Kids Collegiate Troupe Program (D) is structured like a real independent film company! Students work together to create professional level commercials, short films, interview/PSA projects, performance videos and more! Building on technical knowledge acquired in troupes A/B/C, collegiate level dives deeper into each part of the film-making process. Members change crew positions on each project, providing a thorough understanding of writing/development, casting, camera/sound/lighting, editing and more. Prior experience and teacher recommendation are required for this program.
SUMMER TROUPE Independent Study
Do you have personal film project ideas you'd like to bring to life? Keep the troupe fun and creativity rolling all summer long with COMBINED SUMMER TROUPE INDEPENDENT STUDY! Summer Troupe will meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and participants will be able to create ANY TYPE OF FILM PROJECT! The sky is the limit! Students will have access to all camera and editing equipment and all sessions will be supervised by Reel Kids staff, who are eager to assist and facilitate your creative ideas!
[Payment: $650.00]
Reel Kids Troupe Monthly Deposit
Thank you for joining our exclusive nine-month program! CLASSES START Saturday September 14th!
[Payment: $350.00]